Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cute Little Chunk

Little Ian is still in the hospital but hopes to go home TODAY.
His surgery went well, but now he's having a hard time keeping formula down --- but they've learned they really need to be sure he burps. If not patient, you get a waterfall of formula!!!

The tube is still in for this picture. Jess now calls him squeakers because he kind of squeaks when he breathes. They think it's due to irritation from on of the tubes from surgery. Too cute!

Happy Momma! Jess is very grateful to be done with the pregnancy. Despite the craziness that will ensue, she can't wait to have him home so their family will be together.

Proud Papa! Clay is such a good dad --- I have to brag on my little brother!!!! He is really a hands-on person and helps so much with Maddie and helps to ensure that Jess is comfortable. I'm sure it will be a great bonus to him to have a little fellow in the home.

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Ngo-Whitcomb Family said...

He is sooo cute. I LOVE big babies!