Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hambrick boy talk

It has been rainy here since Friday or so (and it's Tuesday now!!!) Our friend Robbo just got a motorcycle and had it at the Honda dealership down the road to replace the front tire. Unfortunately when you have work done on a bike and can't get there for a couple of days, they just let it sit outside. Robbo couldn't have his bike in the rain, so he asked Jake to run down and pick it up and park it in their garage.
Now Lori and Robbo just live in the neighborhood next to ours. And the Honda dealership is literally down the hill from them. So it wasn't a big deal except it was raining and Jake would get a bit wet.
Well the whole time back from Lori and Robbo's house, Travis kept saying,

"I want ride Robbo's bike! I want ride Robbo's bike!"

So once the weather clears, we're going to have to see if Robbo would be willing to ride Travis around the neighborhood or something.

Tonight at dinner I was telling Brad that he really needed to take a bath. He's our child that thinks he only needs to bathe once a month or so. Of course he kept saying he didn't need to so I asked if he was stinky. He then said very matter-of-factly,

"I don't poop anymore!"

Well that was news to us! Jake and I didn't know you could opt for that one! Of course we were talking of a different stinky, but whatever floats your boat!


Angela said...

stinky boys!

shortino said...

He doesn't poop anymore? Umm... brad might want to get that checked...

Shorter family said...

I wonder if it is too late to order the Ziggy model that doesn't poop? Sounds nice!