Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Turning 8

Brad's 8th birthday is coming up on Sunday. He's quite excited because it means a couple of things... he'll be baptized and he gets to start attending Cub Scouts.

I'm quite proud of Brad because he isn't afraid to talk about anything. I was helping in his classroom a couple of weeks ago and his teacher mentioned that he had said something about his baptism. Of course I jumped right in and said that we'd love to have her there if she could make it. Today Brad took an invite to both her and his science teacher. They said they would both try to make it.
Already he's jumping on missionary experiences without even knowing it!

As for Cub Scouts... he's been waiting for this week for a LONG time. Jake served as Den Leader a few years ago, so Brad often tagged along to activities. He is so excited to jump right into scouting. He'll be very excited on Sunday when he opens his gift from us - it's his uniform and manual!!!


shortino said...

when's the pinewood derby??!??!?

Shanan said...

In January, I think!

Angela said...

That is VERY cool!