Tuesday, June 9, 2009

yard sale finds

This past week was CRAZY. Our friends, the Spadettis, found out they were moving on June 13th rather than the first weekend in August. Dorian needed to get rid of some things in a yard sale, so we had one. Our neighbors were planning to have one anyway, so we just made it one HUGE sale. In the end there were 3 of us in the culdesac that had goods/junk out to get rid of.

Despite our wacky schedule on Saturday - yard sale, craft show, soccer game, birthday party, etc. - I did get something great!

Travis' little buddy, Brooke (that lives next door) has grown out of lots of clothes. It was time to get rid of them, so they put them in the sale. Unfortunately they didn't get rid of everything, so there were still 5 boxes to pack back up. The plan was to take the clothes to the Abused Women's Shelter. Nicole works all week, so I volunteered to drop them off one day.

I picked through the clothes on Sunday and paid them for what I got. I was thinking of little Pinky Shorter that will join everyone next month. I am still looking for a box big enough to send it all to Wisconsin.

Here is a glimpse of some of the cute girl clothes (that I only get to enjoy when I buy for my nieces!) :)

This is a Ralph Lauren outfit. I LOVE the color and hope orange suits little Pinky. The bloomers are too cute.

This skirt is one that she'll be able to wear this fall. I LOVE the browns and pinks.

This is a little polo that has cherries embroidered on it. I LOVE the little cherries. I also got a shirt that has some shimmery strawberries on it - I just couldn't find it for the picture.

This is a little Old Navy outfit that will work for next spring. The little shorts are like the bubble shorts that little ones wore back in the day. Way cute - and yes, that's velvet.

And these are the cutest things!!!
They're rain boots. Jake couldn't believe that they were really vinyl. I love them and hope Chad and Ginnie will be able to work them into Pinky's wardrobe.

Chad and Ginnie, be looking for a big box to be delivered in the next couple of weeks. I hope to go to Lowes today to buy a box big enough.


Ginnie said...

You are the BEST ever!!! Thanks so much for thinking of us... and the little one. Yes, we need to get a name ASAP, I suppose. Still have 6 weeks, but I bet it'll sneak up on us before we choose that name!

You are great. Thanks so much!!

Teresa said...

Shanan -

Your finds are darling!! I can't wait to see her in those boots :>


shortino said...

I think I'll just wear the boots...