Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yummy Icecream Cake

Here is my latest creation. I'll be making another today for the YM that are graduating - Jake's having a celebratory dinner for them tonight.

Using a springform pan, I baked a cake and then stuck it in the freezer. I pulled out my trusty Cuisinart icecream maker and made a fresh batch of vanilla. I immediately dumped all of the icecream on the cake and stuck it back in the freezer. Drizzled on top is hot fudge - and then I put it back in the freezer. Once I removed the side of the pan, I covered the cake with cool whip.

I think the cake I'll make today will have 2 layers of icecream. I'm going to use Funfetti cake and then do a layer of vanilla icecream and then a layer of cookies and cream icecream using the Beach Oreos with blue centers. It should look pretty fantabulous when I'm done!

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Dzmura's aus Deutschland said...

Mmmmmmmmm good....my mouth is watering. YUMMY!