Monday, July 20, 2009

Cave Mountain Lake Camping

We went on a family camping weekend at Cave Mountain Lake Campgrounds. Where is Cave Mountain Lake you ask? It's in Natural Bridge VA. For those of you in VA, go I81 to exit 180A and follow the signs to Cave Mountain Lake. You'll be quite impressed!

Our weekend started on Saturday after Brad's baseball game. We didn't leave home until after lunch, so we had a bit of a late start. Good thing Nana and PawPaw got there by 11am when all campers pulling out have to be gone!!! They got us the best camping spot in the area --- this was per many campers and hosts!!! It is the only double site that the grounds have, but I doubt it'll be long before they make more since it's so popular.

This is the main hub of camp... you have the picnic tables, our prep table, the fire pit and stove tables. There was even a double grill that we used for our hamburgers. Next time PawPaw won't have to bring his little grill.

Here was our seating area where our camp chairs stayed throughout the day. That's Nana and PawPaw's awesome tent in the background. It was huge! They had their mattress on one end and the 3 boys slept on the other end with plenty of room to spare.

This is an idea of how large our site was. This is the walkway from one of the parking areas.

And here's a look from where the van was parked.

The boys were ready and willing to help cook --- even Travis.

The first night we had hamburgers and hotdogs. The second night we made an enchillada casserole in the dutch oven. Everything was yummy.

Brad helps boil the corn to help pass something off for scouting.

We rode in the back of the truck to drive down to the lake to check it out.

One of our biggest rules was to take your shoes off before you get into the tent. This little one didn't adhere to that rule!!! The 2nd night we found that he had opened our tent and gotten in. (Notice the blue blanket on top of the bag??? We figure he saw it through the window and had to get it!)

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