Monday, July 20, 2009

Boys and Camping

Once we had unloaded the van and set up our end of camp, we decided to check out the lake. No one wore swim suits because it was quite chilly at the camp site and we weren't planning to stay too long. Well, we should have put the boys in suits because they were swimming within a few minutes of seeing the water.

Jake and Clif hang out while the kids play in the water

We have 3 little pyros in the making!!! Good thing I took coloring books and Nana had games - ha! They spent all their time looking in the forested area for wood. Once they had gathered it they'd throw it in the pit immediately. I believe we had a fire going all but maybe 2 hours on Sunday.

Travis and Daddy hang out in the hammock.

Playing in the lake on Sunday. This time everyone was in swim suits!

Apparently Cave Mountain Lake is known for all of their salamanders. The kids would find them and put them in the little pools they made in the sand. It's a miracle that the poor salamanders didn't die. As soon as one kid would let one go, another group was there to "discover" it and torture it some more!


shortino said...

I like how Travis pegged his trunks. heh heh.

shortino said...

And you should have known that 3 boys would be getting in the water...

The campsite and are look really nice. Looks like you had some fun.