Monday, July 20, 2009

The Last Day

It was a great weekend until early Monday morning! Jake and I woke up to crows making a ruckus outside the tent. Once were were awake, we then heard the thunder. Yikes! Usually you don't have too much time before the rain starts falling. Immediately we all jumped up and started packing everything. Unfortunately we had to take a break from packing up due to the downpour --- so Nana and Pawpaw and the boys got into their tent and Jake and I got into the van. Luckily we had heat to start to dry us a bit.
Once it slacked off, we finished packing up. All that was left was Nana and PawPaw's tent, so Jake and Clif stayed behind to put it away while the boys and us ladies went to the showers to get dressed. Below is a display of the craziness of our boys!

Because of the rain, we weren't able to make our breakfast over the fire. So we went into Lexington and ate at McDonalds and then headed to Natural Bridge Caverns.

To visit the caverns you have to buy your tickets at the Natural Bridge gift shop. We found the penny smashers and made one for each of the boys. I waited until we got to the Caverns gift shop and made one for myself --- actually for the family scrapbook.

The boys pose in front of the dino cowboy.

Travis tries on a couple of cute hats.

How tall are you next to the large stuffed bear?

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