Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dzmuras visit

We had a great weekend because Kim and the kids came to visit for a few days. Kim was coming to the states for her cousin's wedding and decided to make it an extended vacation and visit everyone --- her dad, Joe's parents, Joe's best friend Chris and his family, and all of us in Winchester.
Hannah stayed with her BFF Breanna, so Mason and Ella partied with our boys. They played outside lots, got into all of the toys inside, had fun in the sandbox (which is going to the dump because Travis can't keep sand IN it) and making smores in the fire.

Brad had baseball practice Monday night, so I built a fire in the pit so the kids could make Smores. They had so much fun playing with sticks in the fire. Lovely that we had 4 little pyros!

Ella and Mason

The boys!

Little Miss Ella - the only girl in the bunch all weekend.

Mason didn't want to be in the picture, so it's just our boys and Ella.

We had so much fun. Our family can't wait for them to move back... only 2 more years! I think I'm going to sneak back over to Europe one more time before they come home. I'm just so glad that Kim makes it back to the states fairly often. We've seen them every summer since they left, so it hasn't been to bad.

We love and miss you guys!!!

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Dzmura's aus Deutschland said...

We love and miss you too. You are always such a gracious host and thanks again!!