Wednesday, July 8, 2009

iPod for a 3-year old?

Travis is turning 3 on Sunday! Jake is going to Youth Conference for the weekend, so the boys and I are heading to Lynchburg to visit Grammy and Grandpa and to have a Scentsy party! While we're there, we plan to celebrate Travie's birthday.

Of course Mr. Big Stuff knows he's going to be 3, and when you ask him what he wants he always says, "An iPod!" Yup, our children have been technologically brainwashed!
Due to the request, I thought I'd be clever and just get an MP3 player with a screen so that we can load movies and/or shows onto the thing as well as music. We got one and I started loading our iTunes onto it... there's a problem with that though because iTunes are MP4s which are not compatible with MP3s. Needless to say the little piece of junk went back to the store.

So here's Travis opening his new gift! It's a portable DVD player. This way he can watch movies and listen to CDs and life is good!

Brooke looks on to see what cool stuff is in the case.

These two monkeys are 2 peas in a pod! They get into so much trouble together! Whether they're climbing into one of our unlocked vehicles to play, or turning the water on to spray the hose at each other, they have tons of fun.

Every morning Travis looks out the window and asks where Brooke is. And according to Nicole, Brooke starts walking over to our house when they are heading out to daycare in the mornings. They can't get enough of each other - and both go in screaming at night for baths and bed.

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teresa said...

Nice birthday gift! Happy early Birthday Travie...see you Saturday for some cake. Love you !