Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The canoes are all lined up ready for girls to jump in. We had 12 and 2 of them had to have 3 girls in them.

Miriam, Cassie, and Erin eating lunch and putting on sunscreen before hitting the river. Miriam was so afraid of burning that she reapplied sunscreen every 30 minutes or so. I think she was the least burnt of everyone!!

Rhiannon and Faith are in the back eating. Mariah and Courtney are finishing up lunch and talking about the trip. Danielle, Ashley and Shanice catch up and prep for getting on the water.

We had 22 girls (2 were non members) with us and 5 leaders. Thank goodness we had Sister Custer to help balance things out among all of us. I thought it would be overwhelming with so many girls, but it was really kinda easy.

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