Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Scrapping vs. Blogging

I can't believe that I'm about to announce this, but I think it's almost time to hang up the idea of scrapbooking all activities for every year!!! I know, some of you may have to close your mouth right now! I just realized this morning that I am behind a year and a half (which isn't much, I must admit) and don't see when I'm going to make it up. When I have a gap of time, I have many other projects that I'd rather work on... like painting rooms, refinishing furniture, taking care of Scentsy things, playing around on facebook, oh, and spend time with my children :).

Thankfully technology allows us to print off our blogs into books. I believe I'm going to just start doing that every year. It's pretty costly because I always have tons of posts, but if I'm not paying for scrapbooking materials, then I'm actually saving money!!!

I figure I'll finish 2008 in the next month or so and then stop! That will complete 10 years of Hambrick history and then the blog books will take care of the rest. I will continue with 1 scrapbook per boy that will include all important ordinances, scouting events, inductions, etc as they grow up. I do want to keep something up for them!!!

So onto the next phase in my life... craziness that only allows the convenience of blogging!!! What a blessing for options!!!

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