Friday, July 31, 2009

New England Patriots

Mom called me today to ask if I wanted to see a picture of Paris Lenon. Apparently he was featured in the News & Advance for his signing with the New England Patriots. Of course I wanted to see more, so I googled him. There is a lot more info on him these days than there were in the days when he played for the Packers!!!

Paris and I went to high school together. We were pretty good friends and I am quite proud of his achievements through the years. Unfortunately the last time I saw him was after our freshman year in college --- he was walking with a cane because he had either had surgery or was recovering from some kind of injury (I can't remember which). We haven't run into each other since, but I keep hoping he'll show up at our 20th HS reunion or something!!!

I understand his wife's name is Heather and they have at least one little one --- his name is Paris too.

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shortino said...

He was pretty skinny in high school... he's huge now.