Saturday, August 22, 2009

Funny boy!

We went to Jake's office the other day so I could drop some Scentsy off for the ladies downstairs. We ended up having to park at the top of the parking garage and because the elevator took so long we walked down the stairs.
As we were walking into the building, Travis commented about an alligator. I didn't quite understand where he got this idea about an alligator because I didn't see anything resembling one around. I tried to answer his concern and then we just went up to Jake's office.

After visiting we ended up going to lunch and to a store that Jake always talks about. While there Travis filled his diaper and needed a change. I had forgotten that I took the wipes out of the van on Sunday and put them in my church bag. And without wipes it makes cleaning a hiney pretty difficult! So we headed back to Jake's building to one of the bathrooms there.

On our way into the county building Travis said something else about an alligator. Again I was puzzled. We just headed into the bathroom and got him changed!!! As we were heading out Travis said something else about an alligator and pointed to the elevators!!! Finally I understood what he was talking about.

Travis has a bit of a fear of elevators. I don't think he's ever ridden in one standing by himself. Someone must always hold him. So he was quite concerned every time we entered the building because he knew in order to visit daddy he had to ride an "alligator"!

Too cute!

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