Thursday, August 27, 2009

Goal: Hawaii

The Scentsy incentive trip this next "season" is Hawaii. I don't see why I can't earn enough points to make it there. And possibly even to take Jake with me --- even though he's already been to the islands!

I have to earn 24,000 points just to get me there. How do I do it? I sell, sell, sell and recruit, recruit, recruit. So if you know anyone that LOVES candles or anyone that needs extra cash, let me know.

When Scentsy takes you on a trip, they cover the cost of EVERYTHING. It would be so awesome to hang out with and play with all kinds of consultants for a week.

So wish me luck. If you can help me out, just let me know.

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shortino said...

Do you have any candles that smell like Hawaii? (you could just pretend... I wouldn't know the difference.)

Hannah said...

I hope you reach your goal!!! Can't wait for the new Fall catalog!

Dzmura's aus Deutschland said...

Hey since Jake's already been....I'll gladly go in his place! ;o)