Friday, September 4, 2009

Hangin' with my friends!

I love being part of a ward family -- especially since immediately family isn't so close or available for childcare. When I went to Utah last month, my good friend Tanya watched the boys for 2 days. I knew once they were with her that all was well and I didn't have to worry about anything. Well this week she's been in Utah and needed some help too. So we had Elijah over 2 days -- Travis LOVED having a friend around to play with.

I decided in order to keep them contained, so they didn't end up in some other neighborhood, to pull the van out of the garage and put the bikes inside so they had a place to ride. They found the rain boots - both of which swallowed their feet up - and decided to walk around in them for the afternoon.

And here is the result of playing so hard for 6 straight hours. I kinda like it!!!

We've also joined a group from church that is doing a co-op for preschool. We meet twice a week - one day for instruction and the other as a play date or a field trip. In our initial meeting there were 12 children and 9 moms. Some complained that it was too many and that it would be difficult to have any real learning environment. Whatever, I had wrapped my mind around the idea and was fine with it. Then we showed up on Thursday only to have another mom with 2 more kids asked to join and one of the ladies volunteering her neighbor to join too. Hello! Thought we had too many involved before. Don't know if I'm cool with it all and may pull out. Sorry Travis, but Momma can't handle that many people in the house at one time!!!

We'll have to see how it sits with me after the next couple of weeks. To be honest, I don't look forward to it. Oh well, we'll try it on for size.

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