Monday, September 7, 2009

Shave and a Haircut...

Travis has been in need of a haircut for a while now. The problem was that the curls just kept getting cuter and we thought of him as the little skater boy. The other night I put him in the tub and got the scissors out to trim around his ears first. When he saw the scissors, you would have though I had gouged his eyes out. He screamed and hollered, so I put them away.

Well then when his BFF Brooke went to get her haircut, her mom was going to take Travis and the lady in the chair next to Brooke's hairdresser would cut Travie's hair at the same time. When I mentioned it to him, he very adamantly said, "NO!"

Finally Jake and I just sat him down in the garage and I got the clippers out. Jake held him still and I cut the first bit as he was screaming and crying. Once it was cut Jake asked him if it hurt and he said no. Immediately he quit fussing and let me cut it the rest of the way.

Go figure!

So here are his happy BEFORE pictures. These were taken the night I attempted to cut with scissors.

And these are the AFTER pics. Doesn't it look so good? I think he looks a lot older too.

Bye, bye blonde. There is some blonde still on top, but definitely not underneath!


Amy said...

HOW CAN YOU CUT CURLS!!???? do you not realize how ahrd it is to get those??? none of mine have them, much to my chagrin... WHY WASTE THEM?? (he looks way older and super cute tho!)

teresa said...

Oh my!! He looks so much older...he is just TOO cute! Love you Travis!

Kim said...

He's so stinkin' cute no matter what his hair looks like. It does make him look older though. Beware....once I cut Mason's curls off....they NEVER came back. :o(