Monday, September 7, 2009

Scentsy Team Name

I need some creative help!!!

Once you reach "director" status in Scentsy, you come up with a team name. Most people have already used all of the Star themes since Scentsy has stars all over their packaging. There are things from the Sparkling Stars to Shooting Stars to Blooming Stars (which is my director's team name). I think I'll go with some different slant.

Can you help me come up with a clever name?

Think of me and my personality and see if that can help. If not, we'll go with something else :).

Remember that Scentsy features wickless candles - and no flames - and scented wax - and light, etc, etc.

I'll post the winner once I've had ample comments!!!


The Davenport Family said...

I'm not very creative either, but what about Shining Stars? You seem to just "shine" through all you do! No matter what, every time I saw you at church or wherever, you had a smile on your face and seemed to light up the room! Or how about Twilight Stars :) (sorry it's an addiction I have) since candle flames would give off no more than a "twilight's" worth of light (well several candles) anyways? Then there's always Shanan's Stars? Again, I'm not the best at being creative either. Those were the first few that came to mind at a quarter after midnight!

Oh and I've loved reading your blog and catching up on the Hambrick family! I miss you all and the Berryville Ward soooo much! I can't get over how much the boys have grown! Take care and I hope to make a visit up there soon!

teresa said...

How about "the Scentsy Sisters"

Shanan said...

Scentsy Sisters could work, but what if I recruit a man -- or Jake decides to join me in my business??? :) that could be funny though

Kim said...

Bewitched Scentsy's, Wicklessly Flaming Stars, Flaming Starlets, Hmmmm....I just get a witchy feeling when looking at their logo and the font they chose. Scented Witches, Scented something???

Hope that helps get the juices flowing.

Shanan said...

Thanks, Kim. You're awesome!

Xela Cakes by Alex said...

Scented Shanettes (he he)