Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Monster

We have a monster in the area that preys on our plants.

Here are some examples of his attacks...

The pepper plant. Notice there are no peppers! 2 days ago there were a few large yellow and red peppers. Now, there are none!!! A couple of the picked peppers were even found in the "woods" along the edge of the back yard.

The new mums that were to go in at the front entrance. Both were full of blooms and very similar in size and shape.... until the monster hit.

See how pathetic the one plant turned out? Yes, those are broken stems!

And the tomato plants. We had 4 plants this year, but every time we get some red tomatoes the plants are attacked.
You can see the bunch of green tomatoes growing below. Too bad they will likely be removed from the plant and thrown in the woods or hidden somewhere.

So what kind of animal would prey on plants like this?

Who wants to take a crop before it's ready to eat?

Does this animal work alone?

And here's the animal!!! No, he doesn't always work alone. Much of the time he has helpers --- his friends! He's cute, but beware that he'll pick any nearly ripe veggies!!! He also can't resist picking flowers off of plants either.


teresa said...

LOL !!! Who could be mad at a face like that!!

shortino said...

I hear putting cayenne pepper all over your plants will help with varmints like these. heh heh.