Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lincoln Logs

This summer has been a bit crazy as far as weather goes. Since we've had quite a few wet days, and lately some really hot days, the boys have stayed inside a bit. But Brad and Wyatt pulled out an old favorite and played with it for nearly a week before it was all put away.

They built forts all along the wall where the windows are in the play room. If you look at the army truck, you can see a trailer that Brad rigged up with his K'Nex. They also took some little plastic police men from the dollar store to keep an eye out over their forts.

Once their forts were all set up, they got rubber bands and tried knocking off the police men one by one. This was great entertainment for them for many hours. They actually got along and had a really good time. I'm thinking they ought to pull this out again really soon!

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