Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Preschool Halloween

Lately Travis and I haven't been participating in our Moms & Tots preschool.  But this morning I got a call from a good friend in the group neding a place to hold preschool.  She had everything planned, they just needed a place to be (they're renovating their kitchen and have holes in the floor at the moment).  Of course I told her we could hold it at our home.

Since this week is Halloween, she did all of the fun Halloweenish things... make ghosts with suckers, paste jack-o-lantern shapes on a page, make a dracula puppet, and play dress up.  She had a bucket of costumes - and the kids had a blast!!!

Travis is a bear.

Phillip is a dragon.

Emma, a fairy.

Hazel is a big unicorn!

Ryan put on the other dragon suit.

Travy is a bright, smiling flower.

Elijah, the cowboy.

Matthew is kind of a football pirate.

And lastly, Audra is a pixie.

Like I said, they had fun dressing up.  I thought it would be fun to record all of Travis' friends.

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