Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kind and Gentle

Our friends just had another little one join their family.  They named her Esther, and she is so cute!  This week she will be a month old, but she's still so teeny.  I LOVE holding her because she so's good.  No squiggles or fussing (unless she's hungry).  Such a good little girl.

I was holding Esther while her mom got the snacks for the kids. Travis came over and wanted a turn.  He was so good and gentle with her.  He held her for quite a while and smiled the whole time.  At one point she looked up at him and grinned really big too.  It was very cute!

I think he would make a big brother.  (No, I'm not announcing anything!!!)  I think he'll just have to stay the baby and enjoy little cousins though.

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