Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Day Inside

We just got the call from Bishop that church is cancelled.  Is it bad that I'm relieved?
Jake and I had already decided that I would stay home anyway --- we don't have enough room in our truck for our entire family anymore.  So someone would have had to stay behind and the kids are still too young to leave at home alone :).

So it's another day of playing together as a family!  We will likely go out and play around lunchtime or so.  I have to throw our coats and pants in the dryer from last night - I think Wyatt had more snow inside is coat than our driveway!!!

Jake will head to work tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure the kids are out for the holidays now.  I'll have to find some things to keep them occupied.  And as soon as I can get out of the neighborhood in the van, we have some Scentsy deliveries to make.

We're excited because Jake has Wednesday off, so we will head to family that afternoon.  Yay!  We can't wait.  I just hope I don't forget anything!!!


shortino said...

Lots of schools in Richmond were just on delay... did your kids actually get out today?

Becky said...

I was relieved too! One less day to go teach! I did have all these candy canes for the kids though that I made with little notes explaining the origins of the candy cane. Oh well, maybe I will give it to them next week anyway.