Saturday, December 19, 2009

O the Weather Outside is Frightful...

Wowee!  We have had some snow in the last 12 hours!!!!  We knew some was coming, but Jake just took a reading and it's now at 15 inches.  The crazy thing is that we're supposed to get the bulk of it this afternoon!  The news says it won't taper off until midnight or so.
I say, "Bring it on!"

Last night we went to bed a bit worried about Chad since he was at a stand-still somewhere in West Virginia.  This morning we found out that he never started moving until 5am.  He sat in the Xterra on the road with a bunch of other yahoos for about 12 hours!  AND he had left Wisconsin at 3:30am - so he was a bit tired.
I just got a report from him and he was just west of Charlottesville (he's on his way to Richmond).  He might get there by 3pm.  Ugh!

So when I got up this morning I decided to make some cookies... 2 types; gingerbread and sugar.  All cookies were completed and sampled by the time Jake was done shoveling the driveway.

The boys kept bugging us to go out, so at about 11am we decided to hit it.  We took the snow tubes and packed down the driveway making it a pefect sledding hill - until I flew over the edge and went toward the woods with Travis on top of me.  I was so aftraid I was going to hit a tree - and nearly did.  Luckily Travis and I were just snow covered in the end.  It was fun but I didn't want to repeat it.  I don't need a broken bone!

Jake clears out a new spot for the sledders.

Brad is carrying the tube back up the hill and Wyatt sits in the snow bank waiting.  Brittany (neighbor across the street) is waiting for Travis to sit on her lap.

Travis and Brittany head down the driveway!




Notice the pink cheeks?  Yes, it's time to stay in for a bit.  Our clothes need to dry out and we need to warm up before another stint of fun.

I have some pork barbeque going in the crockpot.  The house smells great and dinner will be ready when we are.  Love it!


Katie H said...

Too bad we don't own a shovel! Ah well. I guess it'll be interesting trying to get to church tomorrow...

And Chad is at my parents' house now. And apparently delirious. ;)

Dzmura's aus Deutschland said...

GOODNESS!! I heard the East was going to be "shut down" and sounds like you've been pounded. Oh how I miss shoveling snow. We got about 1/4"....does that count? I had to wipe my windows with my arm yesterday.....NOT FAIR!!

shortino said...

I know you didn't have any, but I was still hoping for pictures of your wipeout in the back yard.