Thursday, December 17, 2009

At the mall...

Today Travis and I picked up our friend, Ashlee so we could go shopping.  She wanted to introduce us to some great shops including the Christmas Tree Shop (which is quite cool).  We also ran into the mall which puts our puny mall to shame!!!

We had a good time looking and talking.  Travis was really good and seemed to have a pretty good time too.  Around noon we headed into the mall and ate at the food court.  Afterward we visited a few stores and stopped at the really cool fountain with fun lighting.  Travis liked that part.  After throwing coins in the fountain, we looked up and saw Santa walking toward his "throne" after his lunch break.  Travis was so excited and waved for a good 2 minutes before Santa saw him.  The jolly ol' man was nice and walked around a couple of people to shake Travie's hand. 

Needless to say, Travis enjoyed the trip to the big mall and shopping with Mommy and Ashlee.
We hope to go again after the holidays!!!


Life Happens said...

What mall did you go to?? Doesn't take much to put our mall to shame.

Jacob said...

We went to Hagerstown. MUCH better than our dumb ol' mall!