Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pirate Ship

Have you ever seen the 3D puzzles? 
Nana and PawPaw brought back these 3D pirate ships for the boys when they went to the beach this fall.  Unfortunately one sat with pieces all punched in the corner.  In fact I believe Travis took a few of the longer pieces to use as weapons against his brothers.

Today I decided to de-clutter the dining room because I was having a Primary Presidency meeting here.  Under a pile of stuff was the ship puzzle.  Travis asked that I put it together, so I figured I'd try.

It didn't take long and it was pretty fun.  Travis loved it but had to be careful or pieces would fall off.  Brad and Wyatt were impressed when they got home.  We have another, but it will remain tucked away for a while.

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teresa said...

That looks way cool!! I had no idea how big they would be...