Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Miracle!

OK, so it's only a miracle to those that have had children addicted to pacifiers...
Travis is now passy-free!!!  Tonight will be night #4 that we have been without.

On a different note...
We went to Jake's grandparents' home last night for Christmas Eve dinner and gifts as we do every year.  It was great to see the family that we don't often get to spend much time with.  We all loved on the newest baby cousin - Kennedy. 
The boys ate really well and were ready for gifts.  When Brad opened the gift from Granny and PawPaw, he yelled out in joy.  He was SO EXCITED to get the Whimpy Kid series of books.  He immediately pulled them out of the bag and showed them to me.  I'm so glad he wants to read!
Wyatt got some books too, but wasn't quite as excited.  But when I told him we could start reading them together, he perked up.
Travis got a new John Deere tractor and didn't care about any other gift.  In fact I had to open the others so he could see he got some other cool stuff!

Of course Santa stopped by and dropped some loot off!  I had a little talk with the jolly fat man and asked that he only bring one big gift and stockings.  Our boys get so many gifts every year that we felt Santa could take care of one biggie. 
So this morning upon walking in the room, Wyatt suddenly became quite sad.  Santa hadn't brought him the LEGO set he wanted.  Instead he got some Nerf gun set.  He was a bit down for a while until Nana reminded him that his birthday wasn't far away and he could still get the LEGO set.  Ends up that his Nerf set has been the most popular gift today!
Brad's gift has to go back because it's not as great as it looked.  He got a skateboard kit - and the boards, as well as trucks and wheels are just crud.  So we're going to return it and use some of the gift card money he got from family to get a really cool skateboard to use with his new ramp that Nana and PawPaw got him.
Travis got the basketball hoop he wanted, but no Barbie.  I don't think he's missed the Barbie one bit!

Jake ended up getting *bonus* gifts for the boys.  Of course PawPaw helped out to enhance the gifts...
Brad and Wyatt each got a BeBe gun and Travis got a VA Tech basketball.  All are happy as larks!

Needless to say, it's been a good day.  And tomorrow we'll head to my grandparents' for food and white elephant exchange.  And then it's off to Grammy and Grandpa's for more family, food and gifts.  Yay!

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