Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ready for Battle

I mentioned how Wyatt was a bit disappointed with his Santa gift.  Well I decided to show how everyone LOVED it.  It's still the most popular gift played with since the holidays!!!

Travis wasn't happy because he had been shot in the face!  The glasses don't cover every inch!!!

The glasses are a bit caddywompus, but other than that Wyatt looks quite cool!

And who is the worst culprit of shooting everyone???  You guessed it - the big kid himself!

Funny that there was some disappointment.  All 3 boys got Legos for gifts, but they have played with them very little!!!

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Becky said...

Oh yea, I remember Christmas's that I ruined by being such a brat! I was the baby and got really disappointed when I didn't get exactly what I wanted. Being a baby of six I was the only one who usually got what they wanted to, my older siblings have some slight resentment still. Your husband looks too funny. Wyatt does look cool in that pic too. And Travis, words can't express how cute I think that picture is!