Monday, February 8, 2010


I love that we unearthed these pictures of my grandfathers.  Too bad I can't find any of Momaw or Grandma, but I know we'll get some up here sometime.

This one was on a previous post, but I wanted to post it again.  Here is Benjamin Harris Bohon, Jr, my mother's father.  I remember him being kind of strict with all of us grandkids when we were younger, but as he's aged he's become a softee!  It must be a grandfather thing - my dad has done the same!

Here is my PawPaw Shorter; Clarence Woodrow Shorter, aka Doc.  He is my father's father.  PawPaw helped Dad build our house in Roanoke.  I remember him always calling Clay "Little Ben" because he looked so much like Grandpa Bohon.  He would also pull each grandkid aside and say, "I'm gonna skin you alive!"  It was done in a playful manner and we expected it each time we visited!
(I like this picture because PawPaw is smiling!)

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