Thursday, February 11, 2010

Out in the mess!

Thank goodness I was out of town on Monday and Tuesday because we've been cooped up in the house all together since!  Jake has been out of work as they've canceled due to bad roads in the county.  It's been crazy!  I'm surprised we're not at each others' throats.

We did run out of food, so to speak!  Of course we had food, but nothing easy to grab and go.  So I had to run out to the store today.  I had a little buddy because Travis was sick of being in the house too.  We started by getting in the Honda, but couldn't get up the icy driveway.  So we hopped in the truck and headed off.  Our street was still covered in snow and ice and as we got to I-81, it had some slick spots too.  It was 10:30am!

We got to Walmart and I only had to throw the truck in 4-wheel drive once!  The parking lot was horrendous and I knew I'd never get the shopping cart out to the truck.  So the plan was to do the shopping and leave the cart with the greeter and pull the truck to the front!  We got our cart full of goodies and then packed up the truck!

On our way home the roads were so much better.  I mean that in a relative manner!!!  There was still snow everywhere but there were some bare spots where you could see blacktop!!!  We got all the way to our road with no issues and then got stuck!  I backed the truck to the bottom of the hill and tried again.  After a couple of tries I threw it in to 4-wheel high and still just spun.  I pulled out the big guns and threw it into 4-wheel low and finally got up the hill.

I think I'll stay in the house until the roads are completely cleared.  They should be fine by Saturday!!!  Oh yeah, and we should get some snow showers in the morning!!!  Thankfully they won't accumulate to anything!

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