Saturday, February 6, 2010

Love my Brothers

OK, so now we're past the cute Shanan phase and moving into the uglier years...  I also thought I'd drag Chad and Clay down this memory lane.  These pictures remind me of many good times that we had growing up.  I wish we had more pictures of the days swimming and other vacations and being dumb in the backyard, etc.
Look at us cuties.  I think that Ian looks a lot like his daddy did in this picture!  This was in our house up the hill from Grandma and Grandpa's house in Roanoke.  We weren't there long, but we still have plenty of memories from there.  OK, so maybe I'm the only one that can really remember it!

How cute!  I remember wearing the shoulder-tie outfits all the time at that age.  I probably had 5 or 6 different ones.  And look at my long hair!  This was the summer before I started kindergarten - so we're looking at 1982.

This was before Clay came along.  Chad was my buddy.  We did everything together.  And then when I started school he would walk all the way to the bus stop and wait for me.  He walked a LONG way down a gravel driveway to the mailbox - probably 1/2 a mile or so - all by himself.  He was much braver than I was!

Sucking the thumb!!! Once the "baboo" was taken away, I turned to the thumb.  Of course Chad and Clay were thumb suckers too!!!

This must have been a Christmas Eve photo or something.  I can't imagine why we would have pictures in random PJs otherwise.

Easter --- sometime in the mid 80s.  Chad and Clay got M.A.S.K. figures.  These are our Easter outfits for church.

We posed for a picture.  We had a recital just around Christmas.  I don't remember which it must have been though.  Clay didn't play for long, but I continued on into high school.  I LOVED playing in the orchestra.  I wonder how good I would have been had I actually practiced!!!???!!!  Thank goodness I inherited some natural musical ability.

Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse - Walt Disney World, Florida.  I am scowling because someone stepped on my foot.  The day before we left for vacation I kicked the bottom of the pool.  Still tender, it got stepped on just before this picture.  To this day we all still laugh at this one!

Myrtle Beach, SC - Good times!  And to think that our kids are all able to enjoy this great beach to this day!

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Katie H said...

You guys all look the same! :) Cute, cute pictures.