Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another Huge Snow Storm

We've been anticipating this snowfall all week.  The kids only went to school 2 1/2 days due to last weekend's snow and one in the middle of the week.  What is going on here?  You'd think we lived up north or something!

We knew this snow would be big.  At first they were projecting that it would be smaller than the one we had in December.  But as the week wore on, the storm started to build.  We have at least 2 feet on the ground now and the white stuff isn't expected to stop until this evening!

I admit, the snow is beautiful.  One of my (and Jake's) favorites sounds is the soft whispers of snow falling when there is complete silence everywhere else.  I took this picture of our beautiful cherry tree in the front yard before the boys made tracks all around it!

The snow is deep enough that Travis has to follow Brad and Wyatt around to get through it.  Once they got to the road they were fine since a plow went through earlier this morning.  It was more manageable to walk through for little legs.

Do you see the snow piled on top of the mailbox?  Crazy.  I took this picture so you could see the mound that the plows have made that is taller than the mailbox.  Of course there was still a bit of a mound leftover from the snow in December --- and then it has been added to over the past 2 weeks.

Trees are down!  This is such a wet snow that it is too heavy for most of the trees to hold.  This is one in our neighbor's backyard.  They actually have 2 down, but you can't see the other behind this one.

And we have one down too.  Earlier this morning Jake and I were talking about the larger evergreen in the side yard.  We didn't think it would hit the house.  It hit it!  Thankfully it more brushed it than anything.  We don't think there is any damage, but we'll see when Jake and our neighbor Brian pull it down.

We have some awesome neighbors!  Brian's wife Christie called to make sure all was well since she saw the tree against the house.  I told her everything was fine and that Jake was running to Nicole's to shovel a path for the dog to go out.  (Nicole's hubby is out pushing snow today!)  We all work together to help each other out.  I love that!

Travis had a bit of a blowout!  He lost his boot in the depths of the snow.  Wyatt was kind and sat and waited until help could arrive (aka Daddy).  Travie came in and got his socks changed and was out again.  I kind of feel like a pit crew! 

Jake and I decided to save on our gas bill, the boys were only allowed to dry their snow clothes twice in the dryer per day.  I feel quite generous because we never got the luxury of using a dryer when we were kids.  Of course we had the wood stove that was so hot it could burn a hole in a wet snowsuit!  So I guess we had our own perks in some ways!

It should be a pretty good weekend.  Jake said that Bishop mentioned the snow stopping around 7pm and that we could still have church tomorrow.  I think he's smoking something pretty strong if he things people will actually get out in this stuff.  Wishful thinking! 

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