Thursday, February 4, 2010

The past

For whatever reason, my brothers and I have really gotten into the swing of preserving the past.  Over Christmas Chad interviewed Grandma and Grandpa Bohon so that we could have a record of some of their stories.  We also snuck the old family slides from Mom and Dad's house and had them all put on a DVD.  This way the pictures won't continue to fade and we can kind of enhance them to make some of the old crusties look a little better.

I laugh each time I look at all of the pictures.  I thought I'd share some with everyone too.  I'll start with the ones when I was a cute little girl.  Awww!

I am pretty sure Mom will love me sharing this one of her with no makeup.  It was many moons ago though, so who really cares???
Sheesh!  This pictures looks old.  You can see that it's a bit on the yellowish/brown side - and that's even after I tried to fix it.  And I love all of the gunk on the surface of the slide.  Nice!
Look how young Dad is there!!!  Well, and me too!  It seems that all little ones love to be in the back of the truck.  I know my boys have loved it since they could know what a truck is!  I like this one though because it's me with my Daddy!

Yes it's Farmer Shanan!  Do you like the black vinyl couch!  Niiice!
My first birthday.  I love this picture because it's one of Grandpa's younger years.  I am the first grandchild on my mom's side of the family, so he's pretty young in this picture.  Keep in mind that he grayed at an early age!!!
I understand that Grandpa was the first to give me icecream.  Apparently I loved it - as he knew I would! :)
This is a classic.  I have no idea where it is or what is going on, but I sure seemed to enjoy standing in the potty chair.  Come to think of it, I'd love to have that potty chair now.  Not that I'd have any kids to use it, just something to have.  They don't make potties like that anymore!


teresa said...

Loved looking at the old pics! I don't think I have ever seen baby pics of were a cutie!

Life Happens said...

You were one cute baby! I see Travis in your face. Adorable!