Monday, February 22, 2010

Pinewood Derby

This past Saturday was our tri-ward Pinewood Derby.  Angie and I spent many hours making great signs for the Garage, Pit Stop, Official, etc.  Too bad I didn't take any pictures of those great signs!  Oh well.

Each den had its own races.  The other two wards/dens only had a few boys so they were fairly quick.  Ours had 16 boys or so entered, so we had many heats to go through.

Brad's car is the camo car.  He painted it himself (but Dad put some touches on it).  Brad was quite proud of that car!!!  He's already got plans for next year's design.

These two pictures are of some of the other cars.  Notice a few have coins on them?  That's for weight.  Each car cannot be more than 5oz.  Some add professional weights while others just add coins.

The orange and black car that is 2nd from the end is the one that won 1st place overall.  I believe the boy's father was very proud!

In the picture below, the 2nd car is actually a van.  It's the A-Team van.  He won Best in Show!  It was a classic!

This is a dark picture, but it's Brad's car's first race.  In the background are 2 of our ward's den leaders.  They are great men to work with all of our boys!


teresa said...

Brad..great looking car...nice paint job!!

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