Thursday, March 18, 2010

Making Some Changes

After watching the show for quite a few seasons now, I'm finally getting what I need to do!  Now that I'm in my 30s and have had 3 kids, my body doesn't look like it once did.  And that's OK, but I would like it to look the best that it can!

So what have I learned???  That I have to eat right AND exercise.  In the past I've done one without the other and didn't have the type of results I wanted!  I've decided to do Weight Watchers, but not officially.  I count my points of consumption, but don't go to any meetings or pay any money!  And for my workouts, I'm turning to Zumba.

I love Zumba because I'm constantly  moving for 45 minutes, but it doesn't seem that long.  It also doesn't feel like you're really doing anything but dancing for the workout.  It isn't until hours later that you can feel your core muscles and your legs!!!  Let me tell you, it works your muscles!

As for my eating... I know the smaller portions will get easier as I do it longer.  I didn't realize just how much junk I ate - and I ate so much of it!!!!  No wonder I don't look like I want to!  At this point I'm seeking great dinner ideas that are healthy.  I'm not afraid to use the grill and plan to turn to the outdoors for my kitchen most of the summer.  So if you have any great ideas, leave a comment so our family can try it!

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Rebecka said...

Good for you! Ellie Krieger from the Food Network has a lot of delicious recipes. And her two cookbooks, "Foods you Crave" and "So Easy" are AWESOME!! I use them nearly every day. I'm really happy with her style and her approach to eating...mindfully. Anyway, some of our favorites that you could find on are Peach Chicken and Spinach Mushroom and Chicken Quesadillas. Let me know what you think.