Monday, March 29, 2010

Excellent Gift

Every year is nearly the same... Jake and I decide that exchanging gifts for the holidays and birthdays is not a necessity and we move on.  This year I decided to change things up a bit.  I have had a soft spot for Jake lately as I realize I spend lots of his hard-earned money for clothes and shoes for the boys and myself.  Rarely does he get anything.  I don't hear many complaints, but I'm sure it's not easy to see your children and wife walk around with new things.

His birthday is in May, so I started scheming a bit early.  I wanted to track down an iPod Touch to give him for his birthday.  Now I don't want anyone going and thinking that I often spend nearly $300 on a gift!!!  I also knew that his grandmother, mother and my mother would be asking what he'd like and his answer would be money.  So I took the liberty of using their contribution to mine to make the pool of money large enough to purchase the goods.

And then I ran across some luck!!!

My good friend's boyfriend likes to play some poker here and there.  Apparently a guy owed him a bit of money one night after a few games.  He pulled out his brand new 32gb iPod Touch and turned it over.  The boyfriend already had an iPod and was ready to turn it over for some quick cash.  My friend, knowing I was on the hunt for a good deal, texted me immediately to give me the news.

He was asking $175!!!  Yes, you read that correctly!  I was looking at refurbs for around $250.  This $175 would be a steal!!!  So I jumped right on it.

Of course Jake couldn't wait for May (who am I kidding?  I couldn't wait that long to present the greatest gift ever!), so I gave it to him last weekend.  I was quite proud because I had already put all of his music on there as well as the scriptures and iStake so that he can have a lot of info in church meetings at his fingertips.

I believe he was impressed.  It was worth it to him to not receive money from family members so he could have this source of entertainment!!!

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chad said...

iStake? really? hope he enjoys it.