Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Our little Wyatt turned 7 this week!  OK, so he's not so little anymore.  It's crazy that he's grown so much!  I was thinking back to the day he was born...  His labor and delivery was pretty special since I went into labor on my own (my other 2 are pitocin babies).  We were invited to go to the hospital after the first call to the doctor - she was on call that day.  The L/D ward was pretty quiet because there were no ladies in labor.  I guess they wanted something to do so they had me come in as soon as I could.

Wyatt was also lucky because Grandpa was able to be at his birth (not in the room though because that would be awkward for all involved!)  It was pretty cool that he could be there because March is peak time to travel at work!

I was lucky with that L/D because I didn't have to have a repeat C-section.  Compared to my first birthing experience it was cake (little did I know the 3rd would be the charm!)

Wyatt was our little blonde chunky monkey.  He looked nothing like Brad did as a baby and that was OK!  He looked like me!!!  I had my little blue-eyed, blond-haired boy.

This year's request was to eat at IHOP and have an ice cream cake - white cake with chocolate ice cream.  So he got his wish.  And Grammy and Grandpa were able to visit too.

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