Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Realist

I am constantly amazed at how unique each person is.  Even my own children are so different in their tastes and mannerisms. 

Yesterday Jake and I had a meeting with Brad's teacher to discuss his grades and how things are going in the classroom.  Thankfully he's not as emotional about getting answers wrong as he was in the beginning of the year.  Thanks to Mr Lightcap for toughening him up!  And his grades are improving - including reading.

One thing that Mr Lightcap pointed out was his concern for Brad's love of history.  He said it's great that he loves it, but he may be getting in over his head.  Brad is such a realist and has a hard time with fictional things.  He doesn't like reading fictional stories and struggles the weeks we have something like that for his studies.  So we've been asked to throw in a bit more fiction this summer!!!

I guess I never saw it before.  I did mention to Brad on Sunday that I liked watching TV with him because he liked watching all of the same shows I do --- Ghost Hunters, Burn Notice, Myth Busters, Dirty Jobs, etc.  He even sat and watched Project Runway with me!  He even watches the news every morning to know what's happening in the world.

I love some reality TV, but I also like the un-true!  Give me Harry Potter and Twilight any day!  But then again I don't like things like The Neverending Story or Lord of the Rings.  Ugh!

So maybe with time Brad's reading tastes will branch out a bit.  As for this summer, those tastes will have to be forced!!!

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Shorter family said...

That dog/dragon/rat thing from The Never Ending Story has always haunted my dreams!