Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A new project

I've got another project to work on!  The good thing is I'm not expecting myself to get it done anytime soon.  In fact, I'll give myself until Fall!!! 

I want to redecorate Wyatt and Travis' room.  I'm going to paint over the Spiderman blue and go to neutrals.  I believe the bottom half of the room will be a Loden and the upper half a Khaki.  And then I plan to make quilts for each bed.  The boys chose camouflage for their print.  Here are the fabrics I got today at the store:
Here is the swatch for Wyatt's quilt.  The larger squares will be this camo print.  I will then do the rest of the blanket with greens and khakis.

For Travis I wanted to throw in a bit of John Deere.  Thankfully our JoAnns just got a few different styles of JD fabric.  When I saw the camo I jumped right on it.  Travis LOVES it and can't wait for me to make the blankets!
I love that the camo is done in tractors.  Too cute.  It should be nice when I'm done.  Of course I know I'll probably do some fussin' as I take on this project because I'm not the best at sewing, but it will look pretty cool when it's all said and done!

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teresa said...

Cool fabric...loved that you could sneak in JD with the camo...