Monday, April 26, 2010

Puppy Cottage

So the boys and I are itching for a puppy again!  I think it's because I've been helping our friend, Wanda with her dog.  He's a Shi-Tsu.  Since she broke her ankle Travis and I have been stopping by a couple times a week to let Jules out.  We've also taken him to the groomers.  (Travis thinks it was a hoot to have a dog ride with us in the car!)

I've been looking for breeders in the area.  Jake won't let us get a Yorkie because he says they are too little. I like little - less food and smaller poop!  I'm all about that!  Of course we love our neighbor's dog and she's a Miniature Schnauzer.  So we've kind of decided that a Miniature Schnauzer is what is best for our family.  Unfortunately Schnauzers are harder to come by than Yorkies - and a bit more expensive.  So right now we'll keep looking.

The other day Ashlee and I took Travis to The Puppy Cottage.  It's a pet store that sells puppies - obviously!  But not only do you get to see the cute little yappy fur balls, you can play with them in their little gated areas.  They had a Yorkie that Travis had no problem getting on the floor with.  I was surprised because the pup was teething and would just chew on my fingers, but Travis just pulled his hands away when the puppy tried to get his.  Ashlee played with a Bull Mastiff pup.  She was the cutest and very mild mannered.  But Travis wouldn't get off the stool to play with her.  Maybe she was already too big!

So I'm looking to book some more Scentsy parties so that I can set aside a bit of money for a puppy.  I tried to explain to Wyatt how much it would cost.  Once I got to nearly $1000 for the cost of the pup + vet + bed + carrier + food, etc it registered why we don't have one yet.  But I will work hard so that we might be able to change that status soon!


Becky said...

I strongly recommend Doberman Pinschers. We love our doggies. They are smart, loyal, and great with kids. They are not violent at all, as they may have gotten a bad name just because they are protective. That seems so silly to me, since they are protective they should be thought of as loyal to their humans, not mean. Anyways, they aren't as hard to come by and they come in all different colors, not just black and tan. We have a red/rust girl and she is really beautiful. We didn't clip their ears either and they look so cute with their big floppy ears. With any puppy I would make sure to be consistent with training or else they will be terrors when they grow up. Too much spoiling will ruin a dog. Ours are very obedient, we always get compliments on how well they behave. This isn't all our doing, it is partially because they are real smart. Anyways, I am biased, I just love my dobies. And I just can't stand those yipper dogs that bark at everything that moves. Drives me nuts!

P.S. I never shop at petco, ordering things online can be much cheaper. Dr. Fosters and Smith is a great place to order to get things cheap, dog pillows, treats, etc. Also amazon usually has almost everything for cheaper.

shortino said...

Poop barking poop barking poop barking biting chewing stuff up poop biting poop biting poop.

Did I mention poop? And that they smell bad? And that there's no chance the kids are taking care of it? (heh heh)

Gotta find some place to put it when you go on a trip.

And wow... that's a lot of money.

Just convince a neighbor to get one! tee hee.