Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fairy Tales and Princesses

I love this picture of the DC temple and wish I could give the artist credit, but now I can't seem to find her.  I found this photo on Flickr.  So thanks to whoever created this because it's nice.

Kind of looks like a fairy tale, doesn't it???

The temple and fairy tales remind me of a roommate I had at school.  D and I shared a room and at the time neither of us had boyfriends.  We talked of one day getting married and shared our visions of the future.  One day we ran across some glow-in-the-dark chalk.  Since we couldn't paint the walls in our room, we used the chalk to express ourselves since it would only be seen in the dark.  I don't remember much of anything we wrote on our walls, but I do remember putting this over my bed...

"One Day My Prince Will Come"

Now I've never been one into fairy tales and princesses, but I did feel that I would have a man come sweep me off my feet.  I envisioned a hottie (kind of like Taye Diggs, Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey, or David Boreanaz) wooing me with great talent and romance that would slip a huge rock on my finger and take me to the temple for a magical wedding.

OK, so it was definitely a fairy tale because I wasn't seeing any stars or male models on BYU campus at the time!!!  And in reality I didn't think I'd really wear a huge rock on my finger.  But I did expect some level of talent, romance and the final destination of this dream would end up at the temple!!!

It only took about a year from writing that quote on my wall that my prince arrived - or I should say came back!  Jake got off of his mission and within about 48 hours of his return I got that feeling (and there was no denying it) that we would be getting married.  Yes, he had many talents and the longer we are together, the more I see him build on them and find new talents.  As for the romance - when it's necessary it's there, but overall I want to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, not some casanova!!!  And we did marry in the temple - and it was pretty magical.  To know that I am with my best friend and our children are ours for eternity is the most magical gift ever!!!

I don't see myself as a princess and I wouldn't say that I've got it all, but I did have my own fairy tale come true!


teresa said...

Aaahhhhh....you made me get teary-eyed! We are pretty proud of you and Jacob... Love you both !

Life Happens said...

I love your comment about romance - "when it's necessary, it's there."

It should always be necessary, but why do men have such a hard time with it?? Why do we always have to remind them??!!

Don't let your prince charming get too comfortable where he forgets the romance!