Monday, April 12, 2010

A Satisfying Day

Our Saturday was a bit crazy.  Jake had a Leave No Trace training course to do that had him leaving the house early Saturday morning and not returning until late Sunday evening.  So it was up to me to get the boys where they needed to go.  I had to call on some help since both Brad and Wyatt had to be different places at the same time.  Thank goodness for good friends that are willing to help out in a pinch.

Travis, Wyatt and I headed to the soccer fields for Wyatt's first game of the season.  Of course things were running late, so we didn't get on the field until 20 minutes after the originally scheduled time.  I was a bit disgruntled because I had a tight schedule and it would throw us off a bit.  But Wyatt played well.  He scored 3 of the 5 goals for his team.  It was a tight game and in the end was tied 5-5.  It's fun to watch them learn and grow over the years.  Wyatt's skills are better each season!

When Wyatt's game was done, we immediately went to the van and headed to the Golden Arches for some lunch.  I know, really healthy!  But we were looking for speed and cheap.  Once we got our fuel, we headed to the other ball fields.

I fretted for nothing when Wyatt's game didn't start on time because Brad's game didn't either.  We probably only missed 3-5 minutes of the game.

This year Brad is playing kid-pitch baseball.  It's a bit scarier than machine-pitch because you might get hit.  Oh yeah, and it takes more skill because not every pitch is a strike.  Unfortunately Brad didn't make any hits that game, but he played 4 different positions - 2nd, 3rd, Right Field and Center Field.  You could see his confidence build as the innings went on.  Thankfully Brad has a great coach and a good team.  We hope that his skills will escalate this season.  Brad's team won 5-3. It was a great game and fun to watch.

After the baseball game, we headed home and the boys played outside while I got ready to go to the temple.  We had been invited to go through a session with a young man that we are close to.  He leaves for his mission next month and was going to the temple for the first time.  It was a great privilege to share that experience with him. 

After the temple a group of us went to dinner and yucked it up.  We had a blast and all were stuffed in the end.  I have to say it was a great ending to a wonderful day.  The only thing that could have made it better was if Jake could have been with me, but I'm grateful that I could be with my children and then visit the house of the Lord.


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Bet you missed the covered wagon.

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