Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Brad is 9!

Brad is now 9 years old!  Wow!  Where has the time gone?  He is definitely growing up and finding things that he loves and developing his talents.  When he was a baby he didn't sleep much - and that hasn't really changed.  Still Brad is the last to go to sleep (among his brothers) and the first to rise.  As a baby he HAD to be facing the world - which was quite uncomfortable for whomever was holding him!  Still today he likes to know what is going on around him - sometimes too concerned about what his brothers are doing instead of being concerned with himself! :)

Here are some pictures of Brad through the years.  Unfortunately he came around before we had a digital camera, so I couldn't put any pictures on here of his baby years!

in Harper's Ferry, WV - age 3

at Clay & Jessica's wedding - age 3

Beach Bum - age 4

after a day at the beach - age 4

summer before kindergarten - age 5

Christmas 2006 - age 5
spring 2007 - age 6

at Pack Meeting - age 8

Life is only going to get crazier as Brad gets older and is involved in more things.  As parents we hope he will be able to do the things he loves and feel our support and love for him.

We love you, Brad!!!  Happy Birthday!

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teresa said...

Brad, you are growing up too fast....stop that! Love you.