Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Birdhouse Project

Since Brad's 9th birthday he has moved up in Cub Scouts to the rank of Bear.  We've jumped right into the new book and Brad has already completed quite a few requirements.

Over the weekend, while we were at Grammy and Grandpa's, Grandpa helped Brad make a birdhouse.  He got to choose to make a house for either a bluebird, chickadee, titmouse, nuthatch, wren or house finch.  The dimensions of the house that Brad made were for a bluebird.

Brad learns from Grandpa that you must double check your measurements to make everything work together.

The wood is starting to look more like a box!

Brad helps Grandpa get everything squared up on the saw.

And here is the finished product:

I think he did really well.  He likes to build stuff and Grandpa has all of the tools to make it easier.  He's quite excited for the next things to build...
a toolbox and a model car/truck.

Stay tuned for more creations!

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teresa said...

Nice job Brad and Grandpa!