Friday, May 28, 2010

Creating Cuteness

What is a woman to do when she only has 3 boys and wants to make cute girly things???  Well she thinks of her oh-so-darling nieces.  Once in a while I get a hankering to make some cutesy things that my boys (nor my hubby) would ever approve of for themselves.  So thankfully our siblings have had little girls of their own that I can spoil as needed!!!

One of my latest crafty projects stems from Mother's Day.  If you see on my Mother's Day post, there is a flower/corsage made of fabric.  Well I just HAD to borrow the template from my friend so that I could make a bunch of flowers.  Of course the little girls in the family were on my mind...

I decided to make these little sandals for Madison and Charlotte P.  Baby Charlotte will get some next year.  I figured she wouldn't be as keen on them since she isn't walking yet!

I looked all over the place for some little girl sandals.  I should have gone to Old Navy in the beginning.  They have much sturdier flip-flops and their prices are always awesome - 2/$5. Then I had to narrow down the colors.  I had already picked fabrics so we just had to match things up.  Travis helped choose pink for Maddie - he figured she'd appreciate it more than the polka-dotted yellow flip-flops.  And for Charlotte's there wasn't a choice because they don't make little turquoise sandals. 
I hope they have outfits to match, but if they are anything like my boys, they don't care if it matches or not. 

Here is a closeup of the buttons along the sides.  I don't know if the buttons will stay on forever, but they sure are cute with the fabric flowers. 


Shorter family said...

Oh my gosh, you are the coolest aunt ever! Maddie is going to LOVE them!!!
Can't wait to see you guys! Let's pray it doesn't rain!

The Peterson's said...

I will have to agree with Jessica! Charlotte LOVES LOVES shoes! She will love these! Thank you

Life Happens said...

Those are soooo cute! Perfect for summer time.

ginnieshorter said...

You're right... Char doesn't really walk yet-- she's pulling herself along the couch some. But please! Forget her! What about me?! I would LOVE some of those shoes. I am a 9.5. Thank you.