Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A New Friend

Travis and I were driving home from the grocery store on Monday.  It was decent outside so we decided to have the windows down.  So that we wouldn't have to put the windows up, we drove through neighborhoods rather than the interstate.

On our way through one of the neighborhoods I nearly squished a Box Turtle.  He was a fast little guy - he must have known he had to speed across the road or get flattened.  So I stopped to pick him up. 

I thought Travis would think our new little friend was fun, but he was not happy that I put it on the floor in the van.  And the turtle wasn't scared in the least... he just took off all over the van.

Travis was quite concerned that he was thirsty so we put him in the garden so he could "drink the drops off Daddy's plants".  Travis waited to show Daddy and then they took the turtle to the creek in the woods behind our house.

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teresa said...

Is he still around? "drink the water off of Daddy's plants"...too cute!