Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Book of Mormon Reenactment - Army of Helaman

The tribes were put in formation with Helaman as the head of the Army.  He led them to a shady embankment where he could finalize the events of the day.

As the army walked, they sang Armies of Helaman and our camp song I Can be Valiant.  There weren't too many dry eyes among the leaders!

The tribes were encouraged to bring their flags together to create one big flag.  This was to symbolize the unity that they all had to fight for righteousness.  The large banner flew behind President Bartlett as he closed the day with words as our Stake President.

The entire activity was incredible.  Bishops shared their thanks in being able to participate.  Most of the girls understood why it was done.  Many will have a better understanding that they are not alone as they wage the war of sin!


teresa said...

This sounds so wonderful...I know that all those involved will remember this camp for many years..

Dzmura's aus Deutschland said...

Thank you for sharing! Absolutely amazing!! I'm so excited for Hannah to be able to participate in such wonderful activities next year!!