Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Book of Mormon Reenactment - Towers

After Samuel shared some closing thoughts with the girls once the battle was complete, they were able to hear from King Benjamin.  King Benjamin encouraged them to build 3 towers so that the words of God may be heard.

The tribes were broken up into 3 groups.  Each group had 3 Captains and Jake and Frank helped to guide too (since they fabricated each tower before camp).

King Benjamin looks on and participates in a little tribal fun to help break up the monotony of work.

Some girls take a break and work on their fencing skills.

The Captains have a few girls check out how sturdy the tower is before the complete the finishing touches.

Oops!  A few holes were forgotten.  Thankfully we had power tools!

When the towers were all done, King Benjamin allowed each girl (and leader) the chance to make a declaration of truth from atop the tower.

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