Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Book of Mormon Reenactment - Battle

Each tribe was gathered together as a group and all of the tribes formed a horseshoe around a hill.  Samuel walked to the hill and asked the tribes to gather in.

As Samuel spoke, he read from his scrolls. (He had the entire For the Strength of Youth pamphlet printed on them.)  As he preached, a band of representatives of the world interrupted.

This group that represented the world came in causing a ruckus.  They tried to entice the girls to quit listening to Samuel and follow them.  They tempted them with cell phones and iPods.  They encouraged immodesty and ditching church.
Most tribes worked around "the world" so that they could get closer to Samuel and listen to his words.  It was amazing how many girls wouldn't even look the ladies in the eyes.  The Captains encouraged their tribes to stand strong and immovable but unfortunately some of the YCLs chose to follow the world.  When they made that decision, their tribes yelled at them to come back.  Some went after the YCLs to take them back to the tribe and away from "the world".  
All of the girls that chose to follow the world realized it wasn't what they wanted and they decided to go back to their tribes.  The Captains and other YCLs welcomed them with open arms letting them know they were forgiven and welcome back.

When the girls chose to rejoin their tribes and leave the world, the ladies of the world got mad and commenced to fighting (they pulled out water balloons and began throwing them at all of the tribes).

The tribes fought back.  During the time of the water balloons flying and breaking through the air, Samuel was not hit.  We didn't intend for it to happen that way.  In fact Brother Bennett shares that he saw balloons coming at him and water flying in his direction, but there was not a drop of water to be found on him when the battle was over.
The tribes ran the world off - chasing them away so that they could commence hearing Samuel preach the word of God.

As the chasing occurred and there was chaos on the battlefield, one girl remained in front of Samuel.  As he paused for a moment to take in the scene she said to him, "I'm still here.  Keep reading!"

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