Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Book of Mormon Reenactment - Call to Arms

When the girls arrived to camp on Tuesday, they were assigned to a couple of YCLs.  Each group was known as a tribe and given a name corresponding to the names of the books of the Book of Mormon.  Throughout the week the girls spent time in their tribes with their YCLs as their leaders.  

The Bishop from each ward/branch in the stake was asked to attend camp on Friday as they had an important role to play in our activity.  Each Bishop was assigned a tribe where he would be their Captain.

Here is the meeting of the Priesthood where they were instructed about the day's events.  Not one Bishop knew of the extent of the plans for the day before he arrived.  All he knew was that there would be a reenactment and he was asked to review over different stories in the Book of Mormon.

Initially Amber was concerned that there would be resistance from some of the men, but as the plan was unfolded and they understood that all events would be dictated by the Spirit, they agreed with everything.  I was told that one by one you could see the change in their faces as they understood what could be in store for the day.

While the Priesthood was in being debriefed, the girls were in flag ceremony.  They were all gathered as a group when Captain Helaman walked across the field.
President Shake (of the Stake Presidency) acted as Captain Helaman.  It was incredible to hear his loud voice call to the girls, "Young Women of the Winchester Stake!!!"  Immediately they looked to see who was addressing them.

As he began talking, the Bishops walked down the field in 2 lines.  The power that it represented was quite awesome to those of us on the sidelines watching.  (I am in tears right now as I think back to the scene.)  Here were the Captains to lead the tribes.  
The symbolism is amazing as some of these Bishops will be Captains to some of these girls in the battles they will face in life!

Captain Helaman reminded the YW that a battle was raging and that it was time to take up arms.  He asked if they were with him and there was a resounding yes!

The girls then went to the armory where they found a shield and sword for each member of their tribe.  They were allowed time to decorate their arms as a symbol of unity.

Once their armor was complete, each tribe received fabric and a spear to make and wave a flag.  The YCLs and their Captains took each tribe to a designated spot to form their banners.
(A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into the spears.  Each head was ground from a rock to make an arrowhead shape.  As Frank was cutting one of the sticks to put the head in, he cut his hand that needed stitches.  I believe one of the Bishops liked his spear so much that he kept it for his office as a reminder.)

Each tribe held up their completed flag to wave their colors.  Here is the tribe of Helaman as they are ready for battle.

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